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Student Success at Industry Placements

30 October 2023
We caught up with some of our students to find out about their brilliant work placement experiences.

At EKC Canterbury College, our strong relationships with local employers allow students to grow and develop their skills through industry placement opportunities.

We caught up with some of our students to find out about their brilliant placement experiences and how these wil help them in the future.

Talitha Ward-Smith – Level 3 Countryside and Wildlife Conservation

Talitha travelled to Italy for six weeks with Ligurian Wolf, an organisation supported by the Wolves and Humans Foundation, where she researched and tracked Ligurian wolves to explore their habitat, behaviour and food source.

She said: “I was in the mountains leaving cameras to track the Ligurian wolves and learnt a lot about the environments and the animals that live there. I loved Italy – the people, culture, nature, difference in landscapes and how butterflies are still around even in December!” 

Owen Drake – Level 3 Motor Vehicle 

Owen is currently completing his industry placement at Barretts BMW in Canterbury, after personally approaching the employer. He has been carrying out a wide range of tasks, including checking vehicles for wear and tear, repairing rear cameras and visual health checks.

He said: “I have gained so much expert knowledge at Barretts. I really enjoy working on the vehicles in the workshop and test driving them.” 

Dan Sumner – Level 2 Catering 

Dan has really developed his skills in catering and carries out his industry experience at the Umbrella Centre in Canterbury.

He even received a Principal’s Certificate for ‘being a model student and consistently giving his maximum effort’.

Maddie Dungar – Level 3 Art & Design

Maddie Dungar has been gaining  industry experience at Kit Lifestyle in Broadstairs, after impressing the manager with her ‘can-do attitude’.

She said: “It means a great deal to me that Kit Lifestyle provided me with this opportunity, which is proving to be an incredible help as I start my career in the fashion industry, as well as allowing me to gain numerous beneficial life skills. It’s so great to see fashion from the retailer and end consumer perspective.

My dream is to study Fashion at a university in Paris – I want to be the next Vivienne Westwood!”

Maddie’s manager, Louisia, said: “Maddie is so personable, with a beaming smile and keen to please. I was really impressed by Maddie’s initiative in directly coming to the shop to enquire about working here, asking politely. I knew she would be a great fit for the company”.

Emily Butler – Level 3 Travel and Tourism

Emily recently completed her industry experience at Canterbury Cathedral.

She said: “During my time at Canterbury Cathedral I worked primarily within the visits department where I was trained to the level of a regular member of staff. I also worked within schools, archives and library, tour guides and stone masonry. This amazing experience allowed me to look into how a visitor attraction is run and what it is like to work within a large organisation.”

Alfie Hull – Health T Level 

Alfie completed an industry placement at Cairns Chemist in Dover, carrying out responsibilities such as working dispensary and distributing medicines to customers.

He said: “I worked the counter often, socialising with the friendly faces I saw regularly and engaging in interesting conversations which improves their experience. I enjoyed every moment and enjoyed spending time with colleagues.”

Ellia Moore – Level 3 Early Years

Ellia gained industry experience at a local nursery, alongside her studies. 

She said: “I learnt everything from making a bottle and changing a nappy, to how to safeguard a child. I really enjoyed the experience, I built an amazing build with the children. It’s fascinating to see how much they develop in such little time.”

Jensen Perry – Level 2 Carpentry 

Jensen learnt from professionals about the carpentry sector during an industrial placement at CJM Builders LTD. 

He said: “I took down some old render as part of the job and then put up some new render. I had to work fast as we needed to complete the job before the renderers arrived.”

Olivia Foreman – Management and Administration (Business Support) T Level 

Olivia is currently completing her industry experience at the UGG store at Ashford Designer Outlet where she works as a ‘Sales Associate’.

She said: “I feel so lucky having the opportunity to compete an extended industry placement at UGG. the team are so friendly and welcoming. I have developed skills such as handling cash and serving on the tills, as well as understanding the everyday workings of a busy retail store.”

Kieron Goldup – Level 2 Brick

Kieron worked onsite with brick subcontractors, McCarthy & Stone, at their construction project building sheltered housing in New Dover Road, Canterbury.

He shadowed the brick team, assisting with handling tools and laying bricks. 

Project Manager, Hugo, said: “Kieron has been very keen, very willing to learn and asked lots of questions. The bricklayers were very happy working with him and say he has the right attitude”.

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