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Creative and Design

With its stimulating atmosphere, our Creative and Design department is one of the most exciting places to study in Kent.

student working on an artpiece on the tablet

Creative Media

Transform ideas into captivating visuals and content with one of our Creative Media courses. You will create work that aims to inform, entertain and inspire.

Visual Arts

Discover the world of Visual Arts as you master a variety of timeless mediums. You will explore the depths of artistic expression to create meaningful and unique pieces.

Master Artistic Expression with Visual Arts

From photography to fashion, fine art to graphic design, you can specialise in an area of the Arts that you enjoy and want to excel in.

Harness the Power of Digital Media storytelling

Discover how to captivate an audience through film and television, games design or journalism and creative writing.

Career prospects

Annual pay
Annual pay is per year, based on full-time employment and on the South East region.
Role description
Artists create artistic works using appropriate techniques, materials and media; design artwork and illustrations; and restore damaged pieces of art.
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How you apply for a course at Canterbury College

Step 1 – Find a subject you’re interested in

Explore our range of Creative and Design courses here at EKC Canterbury College.

Step 2 – Apply

Apply for the subject you have selected, through our website and application system.

Step 3 – Come to an interview

Come to an interview here at EKC Canterbury College, where you get to meet our team, show off your previous work and find the course that is right for you.

We’re part of six community-based colleges

Our mission is to play a leading role for East Kent in developing the economic and social prosperity of the diverse communities we serve.