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Meat Masterclass

Course overview

An introduction into the world of charcuterie and meat

Course information

You will be producing meat products from scratch into a variety of well known
products usually purchased by the consumer prepared. You will receive a booklet
at the end of the course detailing a brief history and the recipes of the items

week 1: Sausages and Bacon: You will prepare and produce a variety of
sausages using both pork and chicken.. We will use both collagen and intestinal
casings. You will learn stuffing, twisting and linking. From Cumberland to
caramelized red onion. You will produce both Back and Streaky bacon.

Week 2: Curing and smoking. You will produce Chorizo and Salami Sausages to
be cured at home or left to cure here until the course end. Hot and cold smoked

Week3: Blood and guts: Black Pudding and Haggis.

Week4: Combined Products: Hand Raised Pork Pies, Puff Pastry Sausage rolls,
Scotch Eggs.