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A Level in Physical Education

Cantrbury college main entrance

Course overview

Are you curious about the world of Sport and Physical Education? Do you have bundles of energy and enjoy learning about movement and why we make the decisions we do when participating in sport? Do you often wonder how and where your sport started, the creation of the rules and positions and how we perform certain moves and skills?

Sport as a sector is a global powerhouse, generating billions for economies around the world and promoting values such as excellence, inclusion, teamwork, commitment and resilience when pushing the human body to the limits of its capabilities.

By exploring theories and principals, you will develop your knowledge of physical education. Along the way, you will develop and hone a host of skills, practical and academic, including analysis, communication skills, leadership and problem-solving skills and many more.

Course information

You will cover a range of topics including:

  • Different systems in the body
  • Skills for sport and feedback
  • Responses in sporting situations
  • Group dynamics
  • Goal setting for achievement
  • History of sport
  • Sporting technology
  • Performance enhancement

You will take part in a practical assessment where you will be able to demonstrate your performance practically in a selected sport, either as an athlete or coach.