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Travel students reach for the skies with world-class training

21 March 2024
Travel and Tourism have reached for the skies by taking part in cabin crew training at British Airways' Global Learning Academy. 

Travel and Tourism have reached for the skies by taking part in cabin crew training at British Airways’ Global Learning Academy. 

The one-day taster session gave the students a glimpse of the things they would learn if they applied to become a member of Cabin Crew.  

From emergency procedures to passenger safety protocols, they received a comprehensive overview of the responsibilities needed in the role and got to see some insights behind the companies’ wider training programmes.  

The day commenced at Heathrow Airport, where students were warmly welcomed by trainers Paul and Ian, who now engage with educational institutions on behalf of British Airways. The initial challenge presented simulated mid-flight pilot incapacitation, testing students’ ability to react swiftly and decisively in high-pressure situations. 

From there, our students engaged in various exercises, including slide raft training, where teamwork was essential to build a protective canopy atop the raft. They also practiced emergency evacuation procedures using training slides, gaining valuable insights into passenger safety and crisis management. 

The training session culminated in simulated emergency scenarios, from practicing the brace position to evacuating a smoke-filled aircraft.  

For their final challenge, they were confronted with simulated fires on board involving areas and objects such as ovens, toilets, overhead lockers, and electronic devices like phones and laptops. These scenarios required the students to swiftly identify the source of smoke and execute proper firefighting procedures, including the use of fire extinguishers and containment measures. 

As a result of the programme, many students are now considering pursuing careers in cabin crew, inspired by the hands-on experience from the training session. 

Travel and Tourism student, Tasha said: “Before I went on that trip, becoming cabin crew was always in my thoughts. However, when I came out of the training, it did open my eyes more and has made me more interested in pursuing it.” 

Oliwia, described the experience as enlightening, stating:, “I enjoyed the trip to British Airways as it gave me an insight into what to expect when I do go into cabin crew in the future. I liked the activities and really enjoyed myself; it really was a bonding experience. The trip made me consider BA as a possible airline to apply for in the future because it was that good – it showed the true side of actual training.” 

The learners were accompanied by their lecturer, Daniel, who said: “The experience today was invaluable, providing the group with a real taste of the demands and rewards of a career in aviation. It’s allowed them to see things learnt on the course in a realistic working environment which is so beneficial.”

We thank British Airways for this exciting opportunity and look forward to collaborating for ongoing enriching experiences for our students in the future.