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Supporting Equality and Diversity

30 October 2023
How do we champion equality and diversity here at College? Find out more in this blog post.

June is Pride Month – a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and a chance to learn more about acceptance and raise awareness of the issues that the LGBTQ+ community experience.

Find out below how we champion equality and diversity here at EKC Canterbury College.

Curriculum and Education

At College, diversity and inclusion are central to your student experience. 

Your curriculum is designed to embed diversity and inclusion, incorporating topical safeguarding presentations and tutorials.

Our learners regularly participate in tutorials that promote respect, cultural sensitivity, and understanding of unconscious bias. LGBTQ+ topics are integrated into relevant courses, igniting discussion around gender identity, sexual orientation and LGBTQ+ history. 

Before the summer, Art and Design students painted placards for this year’s Canterbury Pride.

College Values

One of our key College values is ‘Respect’, and it serves a strong foundation for promoting equality and diversity on our campus.

We encourage open dialogue, active listening, and understanding among our students and staff.

Respect allows us to learn from one another’s experiences, challenge biases, and build meaningful connections.

Support Services

We are committed to providing well-rounded support services.

Our Students’ Union and Wellbeing Centre offers a safe and inclusive space where you can find resources, guidance and a supportive network. 

Our trained staff understand the unique challenges students may face and can offer support, from mental health support to community engagement opportunities.

Clubs and Societies

Our Students’ Union offers a wide range of clubs and societies that cater to diverse interests and identities. 

For those seeking like-minded individuals and a chance to connect, the LGBTQ+ society provides a supportive space where you can be yourself and form lasting friendships.

Additionally, the SU organises exciting events throughout the year, including taking part in the renowned Pride Canterbury parade. You can join in the celebration and make a positive impact within our community.

Staff Support and Training

We believe in the power of inclusive language and its ability to create a welcoming and respectful environment for all. That’s why our staff members undergo comprehensive training in inclusive language. We understand that the words we use have a significant impact on others, and we are committed to fostering a culture of respect and understanding.