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Students' Union Drag Show returns to College

23 February 2024
EKC Canterbury College once again embraced the fabulous world of drag as it hosted its annual Students' Union Drag Show.

EKC Canterbury College once again embraced the fabulous world of drag as it hosted its annual Students’ Union Drag Show.

This year’s unforgettable show saw the performances become fiercer than ever. Originally introduced in 2022, the Drag Show has now become a much-anticipated yearly tradition, captivating the hearts of students, and creating a vibrant spectacle in ‘The Street’.

The venue buzzed with excitement as hundreds of students gathered to witness the extraordinary talents of the drag performers. The carefully curated lineup featured both returning queens and captivating new faces, including the likes of Cigarette Salad, Betty Late’n Never, Janet District Council, Cheryl Shots, Ruby Sinclair, Miss Shippy Rose, and Reya Sunn. For some performers it was their third time appearing at EKC Canterbury College.

The event was hosted by the fabulous Delilah Tickles and Anita Wee, who are EKC Canterbury College Performing Arts Alumni. They guided the audience through the event and kept our students hooked in between acts. They also treated students to a few dazzling performances of their own.

The event’s success was a testament to its growing popularity through the years since its inception. The Drag Show has undoubtedly become an EKC Canterbury College tradition that celebrates diversity, self-expression, and creativity within our community.

Shannon Casey, Student Experience Officer, and the mastermind behind making this event possible, reflected on the positive impact such events have on students: “It has been such a great day; the performers have been incredible and some of the students have been expressing how they want to look into Drag as a potential option in their future.”

Following the final performance, Delilah Tickles shared their thoughts on the event, stating: “It’s been such a fun day and a privilege to host this event again. We can’t wait to come back next year and it’s been amazing to see so many students want to meet us all afterwards.”

Student Experiences like the Drag Show are a big part of College life and events like this run throughout the year to create new memories, help students learn new ways of life and to just have fun.

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