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Public Services Learners get hands on experience through crime scene re-enactment

31 May 2024
Public Services students put their skills to the test by taking part in a crime scene simulation.

Public Services students took part in a crime scene simulation where they had to rescue casualties, secure the scene and record evidence to test their skills and knowledge under pressure.  

Their brief meant that they needed to investigate a crashed car that had “driven onto the pavement and injured passers-by”.  

Under the watchful eye of Kent Police Crime Scene Investigators, learners had 45 minutes to transform a crime scene into an ordered piece of evidence and triage injured pedestrians. Split into teams, each representing a vital service—paramedics and nurses in green, police in yellow, and firefighters in red— the students learnt how to fully secure a crime scene. 

Harry, who took on the role of a police officer, said: “It’s not like the movies – it’s a lengthy process. I learnt how long this type of thing would take and how difficult it can be. There were so many details to remember, including wearing gloves so that you don’t spread fingerprints. We had to write down everything we did, too.”  

Guiding them through the intricacies of crime scene analysis was Senior Crime Scene Investigator Charlie Thorpe from Kent Police. Her expertise ensured the authenticity of the experience, as students were able to immerse themselves in the training scenario. 

She said: “This is first time we have done a crime scene re-enactment and it’s great to see the interaction with the students. We are learning how we can make it even better for next time and the students are enjoying it; they are learning and nothing beats practical, first-hand experience.”  

For our Public Service students, it’s more than just a simulation – it’s a glimpse into their future careers.  

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