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Music Alumni launches debut EP

18 October 2023
EKC Canterbury College Music alumni, Nata, recently launched her groundbreaking debut EP, ‘Metamorphosis’.

EKC Canterbury College Music alumni, Nata, recently launched her groundbreaking debut EP, ‘Metamorphosis’, exploring how she has boosted her confidence through studying music.

Nata unveiled her EP at a vibrant event held in Silvers in Margate. The atmosphere was electrifying as she graced the stage, treating the audience to performances of beloved tracks like ‘Chocolate’ and other gems from the EP. The record itself was inspired by Nata being able to follow and pursue her dream career in Music and how she has become more confident since leaving school.

Nata discovered her passion for Music during her studies on our Music Technology course, learning to how sing, mix and record material in a studio.

Speaking about the EP release, Nata said: “I have grown leaps and bounds from the uncharacteristically quiet music student who wouldn’t sing for a soul. This event has been groundbreaking for me which has also showcased two other incredibly talented artists from my area. My level of growth is undeniable.”

The EP was released with the help of Tamara Pile-Gray, who organised the event through their music, media, and events company ‘BeverlyT’, set up to give local musicians opportunities to release their work and perform in front of audiences.

Tamara is also an EKC Canterbury College alumni, having studied Music Technology a few years before Nata. She was also the one who encouraged Nata to study at our College, having enjoyed her own experiences as an adult learner.

After the event, Tamara praised just how far Nata has come over the years, saying: “When starting College, Nata’s confidence was low and she was barely able to sing in front of a small group of people, let alone on stage. Her growth since then has been amazing, having performed in various shows in the area with her now having this great opportunity to headline her own shows and launch her debut record.”

Nata is excited to see what the future holds for both her and Tamara, saying: “We both pulled off a spectacular depiction of my vision for my EP “Metamorphosis” delivering in her amazing mixes of my songs, bringing my EP cover to life, and understanding the message behind it. I am so excited for what’s to come and I’m so proud of what we have both achieved since leaving College.”

After the success of recording and releasing ‘Metamorphosis’, which you can now listen to online, Nata is already looking at other performance opportunities across Kent and is hopeful to get back into the studio soon to record more material.

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