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In The City: Annual Visual Art Show

11 July 2024
Art and Media students take over Canterbury with their end of year art show.

‘In The City’ is the 11th end of year annual Visual Arts show. The event displayed work from Level 2 Visual Art students at EKC Canterbury College. Then continued into the city centre to 59 Burgate where Level 3, Level 4, HND and BA (Hons) artwork was displayed. 

Caxton’s generously allowed over two hundred students to take over their building for two weeks, for an array art to be displayed over two floors including fine art, fashion, photography, and graphics. 

To kickstart the annual art show, fashion and textiles students prepared for the catwalk whilst Level 2 Visual Arts and Media students exhibited their artwork around the college. Guests were greeted with drinks as they admired the array of artwork.

Guests were invited to the street to watch the annual fashion show. Fashion and Textiles students spent hours designing and creating garments for their end of year assignments. The models got ready backstage, before showcasing the designers’ pieces on the runway. 

Otis Oestreicher, Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design student said: 

“I found the catwalk challenging, but in a good way. I’ve never done a catwalk before, so did not know what to expect but I’ve really enjoyed the community atmosphere we’ve created amongst all the designers and models. 

My inspiration was looking at the contrast between silhouettes from the 18th century with workers outfits, in a response to materialism and capitalism. So, I looked at a lot of shorts.”

Ben Kidger, Head of Visual Arts, commented on the event and said: 

“We’ve had lots of people through the door to support our students. The fashion show was phenomenal with loads of creativity on display from all the levels. I’m particularly happy to see the new Level 4 foundation students doing so well and showcasing their talent too. 

These exhibitions are incredibly worthwhile. I remember speaking with some of the individuals who have just walked the catwalk when they first started as shy, timid students but over the year they have all grown in confidence, maturity, and resilience. It takes quite a lot of nerve to do what they have just done.” 

The latter part of the evening took place at 59 Burgate, where staff, students and families were invited to a private view of the Level 3, Level 4, HND and BA (Hons) exhibition. A variety of artwork spanned across two floors, including interactive art, photography, sculptures, and multimedia art. 

We spoke to Tomasin Boulding, Level 3 Art and Design student who had work on display. She said:  

“I chose to paint my favourite aspects of my house. I love the way the light comes through the stained-glass windows in my conservatory, so decided to paint that element along with my pets. 

I feel so lucky as a young artist to get the opportunity to exhibit my work in a place like this.” 

Throughout the event, students celebrated and won awards from the following categories, the Duncan Hoosan Award, The Festivals Best in Show Gold award, Festivals Silver Award and many more.  

Heather Wolffe, Graphic Design Level 3 student won an award for dedication to study and said: 

“I made an illustrated book from a fairytale. I chose a story that isn’t very well known, so that I could draw attention to it and illustrate it in a way that would appeal to a younger audience. I drew it by hand and coloured it digitally.  

I’ve never had my work shown to so many people before so being able to feature in an art show of this size has been an amazing experience and really exciting.” 

Aoife Rigden, Graphic Design student won the Festivals Silver Award and said: 

“I feel really lucky to have won second in show this evening. I didn’t think I’d win so I’m very shocked and a little overwhelmed. This year’s theme was ‘Spectacular, spectacular” so I decided to use my favourite film as inspiration. I created a book diorama and additional posters showcasing both the glamorous and dark sides of the Moulin Rouge.  

Having my art on display for everyone to see has been nice and boosted my confidence. I’ve had some lovely feedback and I’ve seen lots of people taking photographs which is a lovely feeling.” 

These events are a great way for students to show off their work and celebrate with their friends and family. A big thank you to all the staff and students involved for yet another great end of year event celebrating the students work. 

Emily Johnson, Principal of EKC Canterbury College commented: “It was an absolute pleasure to attend the Visual Arts students’ at EKC Canterbury College End of Year Show. The exceptional quality of the students’ work, on the catwalk and at the art exhibition was truly inspiring. Each piece reflects not only their artistic skills but also their unique perspectives and creativity. It’s a testament to the power of young talent and the bright future of art, design and fashion.” 

If you missed our ‘In the City’ event you can explore the virtual reality tour created by Level 3 student, Luca Fasulo: Luca F Design – In The City – End of Year Show 

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