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Fashion students secure places on Condé Nast courses

11 March 2024
Two Fashion and Textiles students have secured spaces on Condé Nast’s online courses, where they are learning from top industry experts.  

Two Fashion and Textiles students have secured spaces on Condé Nast’s online courses, where they are learning from top industry experts.  

The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design provides a world-class education, focusing on preparing students for a career in the fashion, media and luxury lifestyle industries. 

After having the opportunity to apply thanks to our Visual Arts departments’ connection with the ‘UK Creative Festival’, Imogen and Rosa are now using these courses to study specialised skills and gain insights into the fashion industry. 

Throughout the eight weeks, Imogen is exploring ‘Creative Direction’ under the guidance of fashion editor, stylist and journalist, Annabel Kerman. This course has taught her what being a creative director entails, with a focus on brand vision, visual communication and exploring concepts. 

Imogen is now broadening her perspective on what she wants to specialise in post-College. She said: “The course has made me realise that I would love to go into the world of styling and fashion editorial as there is so much creativity involved. I particularly find sustainability in fashion really interesting, having worked on projects involving this in College. Condé Nast has shown how I can progress my work by taking the skills I currently have and applying them to every situation.” 

She has also loved the opportunity to work with industry professionals directly, being able to gain advice and guidance throughout the course on her work. 

“It’s been great to work closely under Annabel’s guidance and I feel really lucky as I wouldn’t have heard about these courses, or even taken part, it if it wasn’t for the College. My tutors have been so supportive as I progress, with time being dedicated for me to take part.” 

Imogen and Rosa were accepted onto the courses due to the strength of their written applications. They created a 500-word essay explaining why they wanted to take part and what they liked about fashion, with Rosa taking inspirations from famous stylists and speaking about her passion for getting into a career in fashion.  

Rosa’s course in ‘Fashion Styling’ will give her the opportunity to look further into shoot production, social changes in fashion and cultural influences on fashion as we know it today.  

Rosa spoke about how studying on the courses will help her stand out in the future, saying: “I was so happy when I was accepted as it was a great opportunity to help me get on my desired career path. Next year I am going to University in Manchester and this course means I am now ahead of the other students when it comes to fashion experience.” 

She has also significantly developed her digital skills during the course, thanks to projects on digital design software, Canva. “Creating digital mood boards has been a big part of my online work and I am now able to create these in a wide range of styles. Styling is such a big part of fashion design, and it feels great to have that advanced knowledge alongside the practical work I do in College.” 

Imogen and Rosa are now heading towards their dreams thanks to the work and support they receive at EKC Canterbury College. If you would like to discover how we can help you on get into a career in Fashion, find out more about our Creative and Design courses.