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Do's and Don't's of looking after your Car

25 April 2024
Ahead of the Summer and any road trips you may take, check out our team's top tips for your Car.

We spoke to our Motor Vehicle Tutors about the do’s and don’t’s of looking after your Car.

Ahead of the Summer and any road trips you may take, check out our team’s top tips.


Check tyres pressure weekly

Check and clean windscreen wipers and check washer fluid weekly

Check tyre treads are legal requirement – 1.5mm

Make sure all lights work weekly. This includes headlights, tail lights, brake lights, hazard lights, fog lights and indicators.

Use a dipstick to check engine oil and cooling water weekly

Only use your car manufacturer’s recommended grade of engine oil 

Use additive in windscreen washer fluid to prevent it from freezing in colder temperatures

Regularly check your seat belts work correctly

Check number plates and lights are clean and free of any dirt as this is a legal requirement to do so 

Check the rubber o-ring in your fuel filler cap is still intact and suitable

If you do not have a spare tyre, make sure you carry a tyre inflator or a space saver spare tyre and double check you have a security locking nut and jack and spanner to undo your wheels


Don’t forget to re-fix your fuel filler cap after filling your car with fuel at the petrol station to avoid leaks

When checking your tyres, don’t forget to make sure to also check your spare tyre (if your car has one)

Don’t drive your car if any of your lights are not working correctly

Don’t drive unless every passenger in the car is wearing a seatbelt

Use a grade of engine oil that is NOT recommended by your car’s manufacturer

Thank you to our team for their tips, and if you’re feeling inspired to learn more, you can check out our Motor Vehicle courses online.