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Alumni Success: Tamara and Nata

23 October 2023
Two EKC Canterbury College alumni have been making waves in the music scene.

Two EKC Canterbury College alumni have been making waves in the music scene, propelled by the impact of their studies on our dynamic music courses.

Tamara-Pile Gray

Tamara-Pile-Gray runs music, media, and events company ‘BeverlyT’, which was set up to help local musicians. The help and support are aimed at young people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and Tamara provides a place where upcoming talent can get everything they need in one place to make it into the industry.

Tamara had been inspired to study at EKC Canterbury College as an adult learner by seeing the success of other local artists.

They look back on their College days with pride, talking about the progression opportunities it gave them, saying: “Thanks to studying at College, I went on to university to study combined honours in events planning, film, radio and television. This enabled me to build on my knowledge in lots of different areas that would allow me to assist artists further in my business.”

In recent months, Tamara has been immersed in her work, organising events for new EP releases as well as being in the studio helping artists recording and mixing their latest tracks.


Nata is a singer from Margate who has recently just released her debut EP ‘Metamorphosis.’ The EP was released at an event in Margate and Nata hopes to show off her success and how far she has come in life through her work.

She has always been interested in Music, but her passion really grew after she was unsure about what to study after GCSE. On the advice of a friend who was at EKC Canterbury College as an adult learner, she joined our Music Technology course and hasn’t looked back since.

During her studies, the College environment became a haven for Nata’s personal and artistic development. Despite her initial struggles with anxiety and self-doubt, the skills acquired during her course and the supportive college community helped her push forward towards her musical aspirations and where she is today.

Nata’s journey has been transformative, with her headlining shows for audiences across Kent. She is amazed at the significant strides that she has made through her career, thanks to the hard effort she has put into her work.

Speaking of her experiences at EKC Canterbury College, Nata said: “I wanted to use the course as an opportunity to learn how to create and record music myself so that when I left, I’d be fully equipped with the skills needed for my future. I used to feel sick to my stomach with anxiety at the mere thought of singing in front of anyone, but the skills I learned on my course and the people I was working with gave me that extra push I needed.”

Nata and Tamara’s stories are shining examples of how College can help you rediscover and redefine your passions, with the aim of creating a lifelong career.

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