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Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Cantrbury college main entrance

Course overview

Do you want to prepare for a degree in fine art, photography, graphic design,
illustration or a related specialism? The UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and
Design will prepare you to go on to study a practice-based undergraduate

Course information

The UAL Foundation Diploma is a Level 4, one-year, full time extensive
programme which offers students the opportunity to challenge their
preconceptions as to what art, design, visual arts and visual communication can

Phase One

Students will be asked to move away from the established and known approaches
to explore new ways of working with materials, techniques, processes and idea
generation skills in a creative context in sessions of short, exploratory

In this phase, you will develop a methodology to creative problem solving
which is transferable to all creative specialist areas in the visual arts. It is
an environment that mistakes are not seen as failure but a vital part of the
creative process. During this during six-week period students must make a
specialist choice and will study that chosen specialist area from November
through to the end of the course.

The specialist areas are:

  • Fine Art
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Photography
  • Fashion and Textiles

Phase Two

Students will develop their understanding of their chosen pathway area,
whilst also preparing a purposeful and relevant portfolio that will enable
progression into their chosen degree.

Phase Three

Students will take part in a self-directed project, supported by the Visual
Arts team, which will determine the final grade for this course.