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Level 3 CIPD Certificate in People Practice

Cantrbury college main entrance

Course overview

Embark on a career within People Practice with this part-time course. Ideal for those wishing to pursue a new career path, those already working in a relevant support role, or individuals wishing to develop specialist knowledge to become a people professional.

Course information

You will develop an understanding of the key external influences that impact on businesses and the context within which they operate. You will gain an understanding of the importance of using data, the different types of data measurement and how these are used to inform decision making. You will evaluate ethical values and contextualise them within your work, specifying the ways in which you conform to associated regulation and law.

The qualification introduces you to areas such as:

  • Business, culture and change
  • Principles of analytics
  • Core behaviours for people professionals
  • Essentials of people practice