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A Level in Textiles

Cantrbury college main entrance

Course overview

This is an excellent ?art validated? textiles course for those who love being creative with textiles and fashion.

You will be introduced to a range of techniques including: printing and dyeing; stitch and embroidery and using fabrics to experiment with 3D modelling. As the course progresses there will be an opportunity to specialise so that you can develop an exciting body of work for your portfolio. The study of textiles is great preparation for students heading for a career in fashion or textile design or for those who want to apply to an art related degree course. It also combines well with any other subject at the College. You are also able to combine it with any other Art and Design subject.

The textiles area is well equipped with a wide range of equipment and resources providing an exciting opportunity for developing creative and innovative design ideas.

Course information

The first year of the course consists of an induction period followed by coursework projects. During the projects you will be learning new techniques, looking at the work of other artists and building up your skills and understanding of contemporary textile art. You will also be getting to grips with the assessment criteria and understanding how to develop your ideas to a high A Level standard. The second year of the Textiles course consists of two components: coursework and the exam project. There is a short, written element to the coursework. You will be further developing your skills and exploring your personal ideas to a high standard. Your work will be bigger and more ambitious and might also be worn as part of the fashion catwalk during the Final Show.

Progression onto Year Two

Progression to the second year of this A Level course will be dependent on having made satisfactory progress in the first year of the course, including achieving at least an E grade in a formal late spring assessment, as well as the maintenance of a good level of attendance and commitment throughout the year.