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A Level in Sociology

Cantrbury college main entrance

Course overview

Ever wondered why society is the way it is today and how we got here? Curious about the causes of crime in society, the changing views of the family over time and whether religion has relevance in the contemporary world?

A Level Sociology will help you understand the world around you. It is an engaging and topical subject that gets you thinking about why people behave the way that they do. Sociology is evident all around you and will help you to see things from many different perspectives.

Sociology will help you become more analytical and evaluative and improve you writing skills. It generates discussions and we will often have class debates.

Course information

In the first year you will study:

  • Family and households
  • Education
  • Theory and methods

In your second year you will study:

  • Crime and deviance
  • Beliefs in society
  • Theory and methods