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A Level in Geography

Cantrbury college main entrance

Course overview

Are you interested in how the world works and the natural environment? Do you have an interest in the economy and global affairs?

Geography is a subject that is useful to any student as it encourages them to develop a range of skills including essay and report writing, analysing and solving problems, working with statistics, interpreting data and text and presenting data. The geography department runs a range of field trips to apply your emerging knowledge and skills.

Course information

The course is an even split between human and physical Geography. Topics you will cover include coastal landscapes and factors which affect their formation, Earth?s Life Support Systems with water and carbon cycles, ?human? topics that explore our use of space and place and how towns and cities across the world are changing, migration and examining contemporary patterns and challenges of the 21st Century, power and borders and reflecting on issues of conflict and state fragility in the 21st Century, climate change is an important topic throughout the programme and a topic called ?Hazardous Earth? focuses on why some places are more at risk from hazards than others.

Progression onto Year Two

Progression to the second year of this A Level course will be dependent on having made satisfactory progress in the first year of the course, including achieving at least an E grade in a formal late spring assessment, as well as the maintenance of a good level of attendance and commitment throughout the year.