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A Level in Further Mathematics

Cantrbury college main entrance

Course overview

For students with a significant interest and ability in Mathematics, Further Mathematics is an enjoyable, rewarding, challenging and empowering course.

A Level Mathematics must be also taken alongside this course so students in effect take ?double mathematics? for at least their first year at College. Students must also take two other A Level subjects alongside ?double mathematics? in order to preserve breadth in their programme of study (four courses in total).

External AS Level Further Mathematics exams are taken at the end of the first year of study so that successful students achieve a formal qualification at that stage. An informed decision can then be made about progression onto the second year of the course.

Further Mathematics is an excellent preparation for a whole range of degree courses. Subjects such as physics, engineering, and computing are highly mathematical in nature and demand a deep understanding of the subject.

Students with Further Mathematics qualifications are sought after by prestigious universities who recognise a good grade as strong evidence of analytical and problem-solving skills. For students considering a mathematics degree in particular, Further Mathematics at sixth form will ease the transition to university level study.

Course information

During the course you will study the same three topics as in A Level Mathematics; however, this course takes the study of pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics significantly further:

Pure Mathematics ? Students study complex numbers, matrices and vectors as well as developing their understanding of proof and algebraic techniques.

Statistics ? Topics covered include hypothesis testing, correlation and regression, discrete random variables, and permutations and combinations.

Mechanics ? Topics include collisions, circular motion, dimensional analysis and work, energy and power. Mechanics supports topics taught in A Level Physics particularly well.

Progression onto Year Two

All Further Mathematics students will sit the AS Further Mathematics exams at the end of their first year at college. Students who wish to progress to A Level Further Mathematics in year two will be expected to achieve a good grade in their internal A Level Mathematics exam and also a grade C or above in the external AS Level Further Mathematics exam.