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A Level in Environmental Science

Cantrbury college main entrance

Course overview

Our environment is incredibly important to us; if you are interested in conserving the environment in face of growing human pressures and human population growth, then this is the course for you.

It is an excellent interdisciplinary subject that challenges you to combine skills and knowledge from a range of different subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, geography and ecology; the course also touches upon elements of social sciences.

Environmental Science is also an opportunity for you to develop practical scientific skills in the environment, so if you enjoy getting out of the classroom, you would be a great fit for this subject.

Course information

There are seven key areas that you will study, including:

  • The living environment
  • The physical environment
  • Energy resources
  • Pollution
  • Biological resources
  • Sustainability
  • Research methods

A key element of the course is undertaking fieldwork activities where you can put theory into practice. You will experience different habitats, climates, land formations and societies.

Upon completion of survey methods, you will then spend time in the laboratories learning how to undertake different tests and analysis.