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A Level in Economics

Cantrbury college main entrance

Course overview

Most students choose to study Economics because they want to understand better how our society works, how businesses are run and to have a better understanding of current issues.

We aim to develop your knowledge of the many different questions facing, governments, managers and consumers and the theories, which underlie explanations of their decision making. In recent years we have experienced great upheavals in the way our world works such as global warming, the global financial crisis, Brexit and the Covid 19 Pandemic. It has never been more important to understand the ways in which all our lives are shaped by the decisions on how we make use of the relatively scarce resources of the planet.

Course information

You will study a range of topics including:

  • Individuals, firms, markets and market failure
  • The labour market
  • Economic decision making
  • Distribution of income and wealth
  • The national and international economy
  • Macroeconomy
  • Financial markets