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A Level in Biology

Cantrbury college main entrance

Course overview

Are you curious about the world around you? From bacteria to bananas, DNA to polar bears, Biology is the fascinating study of all living things on earth. Biology is at the forefront of ecological issues and allows you an insight into the structure, evolution and development of complex living systems.

You will gain a greater understanding of how systems can be created, sustained and damaged. Alongside this, you will develop and hone a range of skills – practical and technical, as well as analysis, communication and problem solving.

Course information

You will learn about molecules and cells of which living organisms are made and how these exchange materials and energy.

You will learn how to use scientific equipment accurately and discover how to collect and properly interpret data.

Progression onto Year Two

Progression to the second year of this A Level course will be dependent on having made satisfactory progress in the first year of the course, including achieving at least an E grade in a formal late spring assessment, as well as the maintenance of a good level of attendance and commitment throughout the year.