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Emily Johnson


Emily currently holds the position of Principal at EKC Canterbury College, bringing with her a wealth of experience with a distinguished career in education spanning over 14 years. Having previously held roles such as Principal, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal, Emily has established herself as a leader with a passion for educational excellence, student success, staff and student well-being and community engagement.

With the increase in awareness and importance of good mental health and wellbeing, Emily has dedicated much of her career to developing her knowledge in this area. With an MSc in Professional Practice relating to education, Emily has a deep commitment to ensuring the College delivers an outstanding study program, removing barriers to learning, providing wraparound support for students, enabling them to reach their full potential.  Her vision extends beyond the academic boundaries, emphasising the development and importance of soft skills and community engagement. Actively engaging with students, staff, and stakeholders, she collaborates with them to shape a curriculum that goes beyond the academic qualifications, preparing students for their future next steps.

Simultaneously, Emily is dedicated to fostering a supportive working environment for College staff. Recognising the importance of career progression, flexibility, and work-life balance, she strives to create conditions that enable staff to thrive both professionally and personally.

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