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Our new Teaching & Learning hub is a way for staff to share examples of ‘best practice’ – both in and out the classroom. The aim is to create a collection of resources that you can use in your job.

Student Induction Policy

If you are not familiar with our requirements for diagnostic assessment of learners during induction, or use of our support software (e.g. our new Learning Curve) and systems, please review the links included in this newsletter and consult with colleagues as necessary.

The full Induction Policy document will be available on our policies page and all staff are encouraged to read it thoroughly and to understand their individual and team roles. This will ensure it is delivered seamlessly and effectively throughout the year.

Big changes to lesson observations

Lesson observations will feel very different this year, due to the introduction of the new Gold/Silver/Bronze observation scheme.

The new scheme has been designed to identify people’s strengths and development points in a more positive way than previous observation schemes. People will be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze for different aspects of their teaching practice.

How it works

Teaching & Learning has been broken down into nine areas:

  • Teaching, learning and assessment activities
  • Using the group profile to plan for differentiation
  • Independent learning
  • Student progress
  • Assessing learning and progress checking
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Setting high expectations
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Equality and diversity issues.

Each area will be awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze. For example, a lecturer could get Gold in four areas, Silver in three areas and Bronze in two. Then, they could work at improving the areas that did not score as highly as others.

Why the change?

It is a much better way of carrying out observations. Everybody is good at something, and this will help highlight what they’re doing well. It will also identify people’s developmental needs far more clearly than before, enabling focused support.

The new observation scheme system was developed over several months. Managers and staff were consulted in the development of the scheme, and it was successfully piloted at the end of the summer term.

What Gold, Silver and Bronze signify:

  • Gold All students are doing this
  • Silver Most students are doing this
  • Bronze Some/few students are doing this

Learn more: Teaching & Learning Hub and Training

If you want to learn more about how the new scheme works, you can go to a training session. They are being held on Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th September from 12-1.30pm (room TBC).

Oftsed Inspection Feedback

The feedback from our Ofsted inspection is now online.

We received an overall Grade 3 – requires improvement. Whilst this is a disappointing result, the report also highlights significant areas where we have done well. Read More.

Does your teaching promote Functional Skills?

It’s easier than you think. Every good teacher already teaches Functional Skills – English, Maths and ICT. It’s just a matter of highlighting them during your lessons. Read More.

Open Door Week: Benefit from peer observations

The College will have an Open Door Week (February 3rd to 7th) where you can use peer observation to improve your teaching. Read More.

Andy – helping you use technology for teaching

If you need help incorporating technology into your teaching, speak to Andy Dowell Andy is the College’s newly appointed ‘ILT (Information and Learning Technology) Lead’.

Student Progress Review Week

The Enrichment Booking System is live. Half of the activities are available now, and the other half will become available next Monday.

Five practical tips for differentiation

Setting separate tasks to suit individual students may sound like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be.

Differentiation doesn’t mean creating multiple worksheets. It is about teachers adapting their approach for different students so that the entire class has the chance to perform to the best of their ability.

How Mo turned flooding into a first-rate lessons

The recent floods caused chaos for many, but Mo Haghi managed to turn them into a great learning experience for his students.

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