Will I take part in any trips during my course?

You will have an opportunity to participate in a wide range of trips that will enable you to enhance your employability and transferable skills.

Do you have links with businesses and employers?

We have links with a wide variety of local employers such as EDF, Network Rail, Dover Harbour Board, Nusteel and many others.

How many days a week will I be in?

Courses vary between 2 to 3 days. The college working day runs from 0900 to 1700. You will be given a full timetable when you complete induction at the college.

Are there any costs attached to the courses?

For some classes you will need to purchase writing and drawing materials. For others you will need protective footwear and overalls. You will be informed when and where this equipment will be required and given plenty of time and support to acquire it.

Will I have homework to complete?

If you want to get the absolute most out of your qualification then a substantial amount of homework is a must. You will be given a lot of challenging assignments and projects during your time with us. The work you are asked to complete will always be enhanced by further research into each area of study. Often this is best accomplished during independent study time.

Do the Engineering qualifications attract UCAS points?

The answer is a resounding yes!! The level 3 Engineering qualifications do attract UCAS points. The level 3 qualification often leads to study at University and we are proud to report that approximately 50% of our students will go on to study Higher Education. Full details of the points available can be found on the UCAS website.

Do the lecturers have industry experience?

Many of our lecturers have years of experience working in the industry with a large range of subject specialisms and supplementary skills. They have the experience and know how to guide you successfully through your qualification and give the kind of advice that is crucial to choosing that vital next step. Our lecturers are constantly updating their skills to ensure you are studying in the best learning environment possible with the most up to date knowledge.

Is work experience part of these courses?

All of our courses involve work experience. It's a great chance for students to experience the business industry first-hand, and looks good on a CV too. Students are encouraged to complete 30 hours work experience during the academic year. We will do our best to find work experience opportunities for you, but all students are encouraged to find their own work experience wherever possible.

What qualifications do I need to study?

Qualifications vary depending on what you're looking to study. Each course page has an 'Entry Requirements' section which explains what grades you need. If you have not achieved a grade C at either Maths or English then you will be required to study them as an integral part of the study programme we offer at the college. For further details please visit the Study Programmes page.

What happens if I don't achieve my expected GCSE grades?

Even if you don't get the grades you were hoping for, you should still come in for the enrolment day. We will advise you what to do next and help find a course that's best suited to you.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed by a mixture of practical and written assignments (projects, reports, presentations, posters etc). Some courses include online exams. You can find out more on the course pages.

What do these courses lead to?

Our courses can lead into Higher Education or a successful career in the Engineering industry. Students have progressed into careers such as Maintenance, Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Graphical Design, Fabrication and Welding, Software Integration in Engineering Systems and even areas such as engineering sales and procurement.

When do courses start and end?

The majority of courses start in September and run until July and last for one or two years, depending on which course you're studying.

How do I apply for a course?

Fill out and submit an online application form. Alternatively, you can come to one of our Open Days and discuss your options with our tutors.

What happens after I apply for a course?

Everything you need to know is explained on our Applications page.

Do I need Maths and English qualifications?

English and Maths are an integral part of every qualification and you will need to meet the required level for the course.