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If you enjoy the wild life and want a career working with animals then a job in the Animal Care sector could be for you. Whether you want to be an animal behaviourist, conservationist or zoo keeper we can help you get there. Our courses are taught in a specialised centre where you'll work with more than 200 animals in our exotic, aquatic and mammal zones (including a colony of meerkats). You'll work closely with the animals and learn from tutors who have experience in the animal care industry. Some lessons take place in a special veterinary nursing classroom which has a professional-standard operating theatre and x-ray machine.

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Work experience is crucial. Every keeper here has volunteered somewhere before getting a job. Alongside your studies it is really important to get some on-the-job experience. Emily has taken to everything and uses her initiative to always find a job to do, which is helpful as not every day is the same.”
 Hollie, Head of the Carnivore Section at Wingham Wildlife Park

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