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We all want Canterbury College to be a safe and secure place for everyone to work and learn together.

Safeguarding is about our legal duty and moral obligation to ensure that the welfare  of all young people and all vulnerable adults is promoted. It means that all staff are trained to provide help as soon as possible, always act in the best interest of the young person and  know about systems to make referrals. 

The College is supported in this duty by specific staff teams and their details are on the back of this info sheet.

In relation to young people and vulnerable adults, safeguarding means:

Safeguarding action may be needed to protect young people and vulnerable adults from any forms of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse or emotional abuse. A fuller list can be found in “Working Together to Safeguard Children” (DfE latest update September 2016)

Safeguarding is not just about protecting young people and vulnerable adults from deliberate harm, neglect and failure to act. It relates to broader aspects of care and education, including:

What do I do if I or someone I know has a concern about Safeguarding?

Tell someone! Any student or visitor can approach any member of staff anytime about Safeguarding and they will listen to you sensitively and act upon what you say.

The College has procedures in place to investigate and deal with any safeguarding concerns and we take these very seriously.

If you have concerns about your well-being or that of others please share them with ; a member of staff on the list,  your personal tutor, any tutor, any member of staff or the Welfare Officer in the Student Union.

How can I contact someone?

You can email, call, text or WhatsApp the Senior Safeguarding Team on 07894478737.  Or you can complete the Safeguarding form for someone to contact you back.

More detailed information about Safeguarding, including policies and advice, is available on the College intranet.

Senior Designated Safeguarding Members:

Senior Safeguarding Team:

Canterbury College Swale Campus:

The College further benefits from an extensive team of Safeguarding Officers that help to provide a safe environment and can deal with safeguarding concerns:

Stay Safe!!!!


Further Information

If you are an existing student and looking for further information, you can find them on the VLE.

If you are a member of staff and looking for further information, you can find them on the:

Internet Safety

CEOP protects children from harm online and offline.