Many people want to move forward but are not sure about what course path is right for them. If you are undecided on the course path that you should take, please try our easy interactive test to get some general ideas.


  • Choose 8 words from the list below which you think best describe yourself
  • Submit and get some ideas about the course paths that might be best for you

Remember; these are only ideas to help you to get started thinking about your future, so please speak with a qualified adviser about your course choices and options before you make any decisions.

Our Student Information Centre is available throughout the year to provide free and fair advice and guidance and help you find the right way forward.

You can get this advice and guidance by:

We hope you enjoy taking the test and we look forward to seeing you at Canterbury College.

Accurate Ambitious Analytical Capable Caring Charismatic
Competitive Cooperative Daring Detailed Determined Disciplined
Efficient Encouraging Energetic Enthusiastic Factual Fair
Hands-on Imaginative Individual Inspired Logical Objective
Organised Ordered Original Outgoing Pioneering Practical
Precise Principled Purposeful Quick-witted Reliable Resourceful
Responsible Self-motivated Sensitive Supportive Systematic Trustworthy