Eduroam_logo.pngCanterbury College is proud to offer the JANET eduroam service! Eduroam enables visitors to our site to log on to the eduroam network using their eduroam credentials and access applications and services offered by their home institution. It also allows Canterbury College members who visit other participating establishments to log on to eduroam and access a sub-set of Canterbury College ICT services remotely.

Connecting to eduroam

Before connecting

Please read our Acceptable usage policy before attempting to connect to eduroam! You may also find it useful to read our Guidance for connecting to eduroam. It is also advisable to read JANET's roaming policy


Your ICT department should be able to brief you on how to connect to eduroam and which services your home institution offers. However, should you experience technical difficulties, you may contact our IT Service Desk using the contact details below.

Canterbury College members

As long as you have a valid Canterbury College network log on, you should be able to access the eduroam network from any participating institution. If you do not have a network account, please fill in a new account form available from our intranet and return it to the IT Service Desk. Please see below for the IT Service Desk contact details.

Non-eduroam guests

If you wish to gain Internet access during your visit to Canterbury College, you may obtain temporary guest account details from our IT Service Desk (see below for contact details). 


Your username should be in the form of, eg, or, for Canterbury College students, . Canterbury College student and staff eduroam usernames are not the same as their email addresses even though they look similar. Canterbury College student and staff passwords are the same as their normal network passwords. 

You do not need to specify a domain name if prompted by their laptop/device. 

For more details, please see Guidance for connecting to eduroam.

Supported Devices

We support the following combination of devices and operating systems connecting to our eduroam service:
  • Wireless laptops running Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Wireless laptops running OS X version 10.4 to 10.6

Unsupported Devices

You may connect using other devices/operating systems but you will not receive support for these. The following devices have been tried with varying degrees of success:
  • Android (firmware v1.6 and above) -- no known problems
  • iPhone 4 -- no known problems
  • Ubuntu 10.04 -- no known problems
  • Blackberry -- lots of problems

Problems connecting to eduroam

If you have problems using our eduroam service, please double-check your settings and credentials before contacting the IT Service Desk. Also note the list above of supported devices and operating systems. If you do need to contact the IT Service Desk with an eduroam problem, please try and give as much of the following information as possible:
  • Device type and operating system
  • Full username (please do not give us your password)
  • Your IP address (open a command or terminal window and run 'ipconfig /all' if using Windows or 'ifconfig' for Linux and Mac)
  • The location where you tried to connect and the strength of the eduroam signal
Note that we can only support Canterbury College owned equipment.

Common problems:

You are connected to eduroam but unable to browse

If you can connect to eduroam but cannot browse the Internet, check the following:
  • Ensure that you do not have a proxy server set in your browser settings
  • Check that your device is set up to obtain a DHCP address and does not have a static IP address
  • You may be connected to another institution's eduroam network if you are working near UCA or Christ Church and they may be using an Internet proxy. If you suspect this to be the case, try moving to another location and reconnecting 

Browser type and version restrictions

There are no known restrictions on the browser you can use with our eduroam service.

Contacting the IT Service Desk

The Service Desk is open from 8:45 to 12:30, Monday to Friday. 


In person

In the first instance, please visit the main reception.

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