Who's your Students' Union President?

Yesterday Canterbury College’s Students’ Union asked all students to vote for a new SU President. From 8am-8pm, students were able to choose their favourite candidate online and have their say. Four candidates ran in this election.

The first candidate was Cayci Heath, an Animal Care student, she said: “The College is a safe place for whoever you are, you can be yourself and that will be respected.” Cayci hoped to increase the amount of water stations at the College; to create a board that tells students what activities are going on at the College; to highlight a place where students can take their complaints to make sure they are dealt with; and to make the College’s virtual learning environment simpler. 

Martin McKechnie, a Vocational Studies Diploma Entry Level 3 student, was also in the running, he said: “I like the staff and students at the College.” Martin aimed to help young people to develop more skills; he wanted to be approachable so that other students could bring their problems to him; and he put forward his positive outlook on all situations.

Omar Walker is studying Level 3 Business, he said: “I like how helpful the staff and tutors are, they do all they can to support the students with their learning in College.” Omar promised to listen to student needs; celebrate students who are improving on their course; try to place a card machine in the Folkestone Mission Building; and feedback student ideas to higher staff members.

Lastly, Mickeal Spillett, a Level 2 Catering student, said: “I can communicate clearly so any issue I present to the Principal will be heard.” Mickeal wanted to give feedback to students on a weekly basis regarding changes in the College; ensure issues are presented to the appropriate member of staff; and make sure that student development ideas are implemented.

The results have been collected and counted, and today it has been announced that Omar Walker is your Students’ Union President for 2018-2019! Omar won with 54.7% of the vote, Cayci Heath was a close second with 45.3% of the vote. Omar will be joining the Students’ Union’s team on August 1st, after Jessica Foster has completed her time in the role.

You can have your say and contact Omar throughout the year by visiting the Students' Union.