Plasma cutter donated to Canterbury College

Hypertherm, a company that dedicates resources to industrial cutting research, development and testing, has donated a Plasma cutter to Canterbury College’s Engineering department.

Kevin Beasley, Engineering tutor at Canterbury College, had used Hypertherm equipment throughout his time in the industry and as the current Plasma cutter at the College needed replacing, Kevin had contacted the company enquiring about discounts on their products. Following this conversation, Hypertherm decided to donate a Plasma cutter to Canterbury College completely free of charge, the Engineering department is delighted about this.

Level 2 and 3 Engineering students use a Plasma cutter during their course as part of a Thermal cutting unit. Thermal cutting equipment is used to shape and cut metal; Plasma cutting is a fast, clean and efficient thermal cutting method that is currently used most frequently in the industry. During the installation students were instructed on how to use the equipment and were able to try it out for themselves for the very first time.

Jeremy Albert, Programme Leader for the Engineering courses, said: “It is easier to be accurate with this new machine, it is a much slimmer and user-friendly device. This is easier for the students to use as it is so nimble.”

A Level 3 engineering student said: “I am thankful that we now have a machine that is as cutting edge as this one. This technology is a good bit of kit that we will find in our future workplaces so it is helpful to work with it during our course.”