Students create artwork for Eurotunnel

CSVA Graphic Design students from Canterbury College have embarked on an extended project with Eurotunnel which has resulted in great work experience and excellent art pieces from the students.

The students began by creating an art piece for the Flexiplus Lounges at Eurotunnel having been given the brief to create something that reflects Eurotunnel’s location and the modes of travel that it represents. The students took a trip to the tunnel itself in order to gain some inspiration for their artwork and made use of the behind-the-scenes perspective when constructing their concepts.

Before progressing with their projects to make the final piece, students presented their designs and the variety of methods they used to a panel of judges from both the College and Eurotunnel.

Alicia Page, Graphic Design & Illustration Extended Diploma Level 3, said: “We can gain constructive criticism from experiences like this. It is good to know what professionals like and what they don’t like in order for us to improve our work. The project has made me more passionate and given me more confidence to work in the Graphics industry.”

In March, CSVA hosted a networking brunch which aimed to create links between students and business influencers within the local community. At this Brunch two students, Hayden and Alica, presented their projects to the group giving an example of the way in which businesses can work with Canterbury’s students and collaborate on a project.

Following this, the students then took a trip to Folkestone to hang their work on display at the Eurotunnel Terminal. Students worked hard to construct the exhibition in the most visually appealing way ready for a four-week-long public vote. The public are able to visit the Eurotunnel Terminal and select their favourite piece from the exhibition. The votes will then count towards a final judging.

One week into the exhibition, two judges from the Turner Contemporary in Margate will interview the students about their artwork at the Terminal. The judges will then select their favourite piece to be hung in the Flexiplus Lounges in both Folkestone and Calais.

Deborah Elliott, Partnerships and Events Manager, said: “Six months after the students visited the Eurotunnel site for the first time it is fantastic to see the final pieces of artwork being displayed in our Passenger Terminal Building in Folkestone.

I know our customers are really going to appreciate the quality of the artwork and I can’t wait to find out who the Turner Contemporary will choose to feature in our Flexiplus lounges.”

Charlotte Austin, Graphic Design & Illustration Extended Diploma Level 3, said: “I’m proud that my work is on display at Eurotunnel. I am so thankful for the opportunity and excited to see what the public think.”

At the end of the four-week exhibition, the winning piece will be announced. This will be followed by an award ceremony which will also take place at the Terminal in Folkestone.