Better sleep with Lush and This Works

This week is National Sleep Week. There are many benefits to sleeping well, yet on average students get less than seven hours sleep a night. So, to raise awareness about how sleep affects health, well-being and safety, the Students’ Union invited Lush and This Works into the College to share their tips on how to get a perfect night’s sleep.

All students had the opportunity to win a Lush bath bomb by writing down and sharing their ideas on how to sleep well. Lush brought their ‘A French Kiss’ bubble bars, ‘The Big Sleep’ jelly bombs, ‘Dreamtime’ bath bombs and ‘Sleepy’ body lotions for the students to test out in The Street, whilst also giving them a bath bomb masterclass.

This Works carried out ‘Sleep Talks’ for the students. They were hosted by Vicky Harman, the brand’s communications director, head of retail, Faye Langworthy, and brand ambassador, Nicole Ansell. An explanation was given as to why certain scents create a relaxing environment and at the end of each session, students were provided with a free sleep kit containing a relaxing pillow spray.

There are lots of different ways to improve sleep: leaving mobile phones out of the bedroom will help eyes to rest and create a calm setting before sleeping; de-cluttering bedrooms and setting a bedtime routine that involves lighting candles and using a sound like white noise can prevent disturbed sleep; and as suggested by Lush and This Works, using lavender scented products can decrease heart rates and lower blood pressure.

Today, Lush and This Works demonstrated ways to help the students set a new sleep routine for themselves, making them feel more rested throughout the coming weeks.

If you are experiencing severe issues with your sleep routine you can contact who will be able to provide advice.