Students showcase skills at Beautiful Town Music event

Student filmmakers took over Canterbury’s well-known ‘Songwriters Showcase’ evening to premiere music videos created for local musicians.

The students – from the College’s Media department – got the opportunity to feature their videos at Songwriters’ Showcase, which is a monthly platform for up-and-coming musicians at popular City centre nightspot, The Ballroom.  

Students created videos for a range of songs, which included ‘Memory’ by Poggy Hatton, ‘Turquoise’ by David James Rumsey Band, ‘Goodbye my friend’ by Ted Clarke and ‘My own effigy’ by Flaming Pilots. The finished films were shown on a giant screen behind the bands during the musicians’ sets.

Students Charley Taft and Jasmin Perry were awarded certificates for their videos ‘Memories’ and ‘Goodbye my friend’ which were judged to be the best.

The show was put together by Canterbury College and Beautiful Town Music, a collective that supports new musicians and runs the Songwriters Showcase night.

Beautiful Town Music Director Emily Watts said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to once again collaborate with these talented Media and Music students.

“The videos help give our local songwriters another platform on which to promote their music. We are very thankful for all the time they put into the project and look forward to working with the College again.”