Students interested in a career in the Army were in for a treat when The Royal Engineers visited Canterbury College.

The unit specialises in engineering careers – including joinery, carpentry, surveying and logistics – and are regularly on the frontline of emergency responses such as recent flooding in the UK. Troops from the Royal Engineers arrived to talk to students about a wide variety of careers within the British Army and the Corps, as well as showing them some of the state-of-the-art kit they use.

Budding armed services workers were invited to try on specialist uniforms and to take a part in a metal detecting exercise during their College visit. They also enjoyed hearing about the day-to-day experiences of life on a military tour from serving soldiers.

An army vehicle rolled into the College grounds, giving students the opportunity to see the types of transport used. Those interested in a possible career with the Army also got the opportunity to find out more with a Q&A session.

Corporal Tyler 579, from the Field Squadron said it was great to meet the students, and help them to understand more about what it takes to join the Royal Engineers.

He said: “We realise that students are the future of the Armed Forces. It is good to see how keen they are with their education and it reiterates how important they are in terms of what new ideas they can offer the Armed Forces.”

Richard Rearden, Deputy Manager Sport and Public Services, said: “This visit is another excellent example of the very close links between the College and Public Services. The visit is a prelude to 15 students attending a Royal Engineers Life course in May, and then hopefully some will be joining the Army by the autumn.”

Jack Rose, L3 Public Services student, enjoyed the opportunity and the presentations the Royal Engineers provided.
He said: “Today has been both exciting and interesting. It gave me an insight into the technology they use as well as their lifestyles when out on tour.”

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