Media students appear on ITV Meridian with youth charity

A group of 15 learners were videoed sharing their responses to a film created by a girl named Jacey who, as a teenager, was convicted of a crime committed by her boyfriend.

Under legislation known as Joint Enterprise, an individual or group can be charged with the same crime if it can be proved that they were colluding.

The students’ reactions to the project were filmed at Canterbury College’s TV studio and will form part of the feature produced for ITV.

Jacey, a trainee social worker, approached Fixers as she wanted to make young people aware of the controversial law through sharing her story. It made a big impact on the audience who empathised with the protagonist.

Maximillian Barrett who is studying Film and TV said: “It was a good short film and got to the point very quickly.  It felt realistic – the facial expressions of the actors showed the exact emotion without using any words.”

Nigel Swettenham, Editorial Director, Fixers said: “Our job is to give young people a voice. The young people we work with are trying to change society. It’s great to come to Canterbury College and it’s fantastic to find such a helpful environment. The comments the students provided were all insightful.” 

The feature is due to be aired on ITV Meridian Thursday, July 6 at 6.30pm.

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