CSVA graduates showcase work in end of year show

The stunning work covering a range of disciplines and over different academic levels will be displayed at venues across Canterbury including an empty shop in Butchery Lane.

Level 3 students have produced thought-provoking and visually stunning pieces as well as curating their own gallery space in the heart of the city.

Ben Kidger, Visual Arts lecturer, is thrilled with the effort, skill and creativity the students have displayed with stand-out graduate, Agata Rodriguez-Fernandez, particularly impressive.

He said: “She has demonstrated an unswerving determination to strive for the highest quality work and best grades possible and has achieved it. She has taken every opportunity to engage in the art world, community projects, volunteering and work experience.

“The work Agata has made for the show reflects this. She has produced an amazing self-portrait based on an existentialist crisis. It speaks of nihilism, identify, insecurities and young people’s emotional states. She taunts the viewer into the possibility of defacing her work by dangling a permanent pen in front of it to see the extent to which others will have a negative effect on one’s psyche.

“This work like many others in the show is not only technically amazing but meaningful and built on a sound conceptual basis. It addresses many of the issues and pressures young people face and we encourage a positive outlet for this, art.”

The CSVA has a packed programme of exhibitions over the month and will include degree-level students at a range of venues.