Canterbury College’s print journalism students visited The University of Kent’s award-winning community and student radio station.

The level 3 and Level 2 learners gained valuable insight into how radio shows are produced and developed their own packages to create, edit and broadcast.

The workshop provided essential guidance on media law with radio show clippings that demonstrated important parts such as deformation.

Technical guidance provided by the team also saw the students learning how to engage with their target audience and the type of content they could create to hook listeners. They also learned the format of shows and how they are created, including a talk on the scheduling software.

One student group created an interactive section in their radio programme, which invited listeners to share their funny stories. They enjoyed the experience of broadcasting from the station, which provided a true insight into the life of a presenter and put their studied into a real life work environment.

Grace George, Level 3 print journalism student, said: “I found it really exciting and I have learned a lot of new things; I thought it was going to be something that did not interest me but it has really broadened my horizons.”

Leasa Merrill, media lecturer, said: “It was fantastic to watch the students work for CSRFM radio studio. Inspired and engaged they all worked to a professional standard. They each created high quality radio programmes and came away with a great work experience opportunity under their belt.”

Rob Linton, student media co-ordinator, said: “It gives students an opportunity to learn about the industry and the different career paths they can take. We have an award-winning radio station which provides an excellent platform from which to gain experience.”

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