Tailored Group Partnership Case Study

Partner: Tradium (from Randers, Denmark)

Programme: International & Global Studies

The International & Global Studies programme lasts three weeks. It gives Tradium students an insight into English culture, allows them to learn at Canterbury College and take part in work experience with local companies, and concludes with four days in London.

During the first week, students attend lessons at Canterbury College, finding out about their work placement and studying for the final exam.

During the second week, they go on work placement with a local business. In the past, students have been based in 5 star hotels, pharmacies, shops, book stores and more.

In the final week, they give presentations and take an exam before spending four days in London to make the most of their time in the UK. Throughout their time here, students live with a local host family.

Here is what Katrine Mølgaard Andersen, a student from the Tradium, said about the experience of visiting Canterbury College:

"When I was an intern at Canterbury College I was based in an office, where I learned to speak English at an improved level. I learned new and important words and concepts relating to computers and technology"

The partnership between Canterbury College and Tradium has been running since 2012. If you would be interested in a similar project, please contact international@canterburycollege.ac.uk.

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