Finding accommodation

You may be looking for accommodation (a room to rent). Because there are so many students in Canterbury, it is important to find accommodation as early as possible. Canterbury College does not have any accommodation, but these companies can help you find a room to rent or a place to stay. If you have any questions, contact

Urban Student Life – Canterbury Student Village

Shared accommodation for students aged 18 and over. It’s like living in a hotel - but one that just has students. Places fill up fast so make sure you book early (short-term stays are also possible for the summer). Accommodation is organised through Urban Student Life and NOT Canterbury College. You’ll need to pay a deposit via PayPal or a Direct Bank Transfer. Part of this payment will be refunded to you at the end of your contract, provided you leave the facilities as you found them. Visit or call +44 (0)843 508 2018 for more information.

Student Lettings Agency – Luxury Living

Looking after Canterbury’s students is what Student Letting Agency do best, especially those that are coming from overseas. Whether you are looking for a luxury living student apartment, a place to yourself or are looking to join a group of students in a fully-furnished house, Student Lettings Agency will assist you from the moment you give them a call to the moment you reluctantly move out of your student accommodation. Their student houses are in great locations around Canterbury and are all to a high standard and fully furnished with students in mind. You will also get a utility bills included, a 24-hour emergency call-out service and a house representative to answer any questions during your time there. To look at their properties and find out more about Student Lettings Agency, go to or give them a call on +44 (0)1227 459888.

Home Stays

If you would like to live with a Canterbury family, we can help you arrange it (if you are aged 18 or over). You will have your own room, will be offered some meals and will have access to the main areas of the home. All bills (apart from the telephone bill) will be included in your weekly rent. Home stays can last for any length of time - from a few weeks to the whole time you are studying here. Some students use living with a Canterbury family as a chance to learn about British life before finding other accommodation in the city. If you are interested in a Home Stay, contact

Leydon Lettings

For almost three decades Leydon Lettings has provided a first in student accommodation. Their friendly, flexible professional approach allows students to align rents with their own budgets. And their homes far exceed minimal safety standards, protecting their tenant’s lives. They have many properties close to Canterbury College and it is possible to either rent a whole house with a group of friends or rent a spare room in a home. Contact them on +44 (0)1227 713913 or at

Flat/House Shares

It is possible for you to find your own place to live (if you are aged 18 or over). If you want to share a house or flat with others, these websites can help you find a room to rent:

Renting can cost £300 - £500 a month, and you will also have to pay bills (although this can sometimes be negotiated). You may also need to pay a deposit which can be anything between 6 weeks and 6 months of rent. You will generally need to have an EU or UK guarantor. If this is not possible, you may have to pay 3 - 6 months of rent upfront. If you are going to organise your own accommodation, we strongly advise you to be aware of your rights and obligations before entering into any agreement.