Your future career is at the heart of our programme delivery. From the start of your course we aim to support you in the development of your employability (soft) skills by introducing you to a wide variety of experiences and networking opportunities to support you in the pursuit of your career.

What is employability?

Employability focuses on enhancing the academic, personal and professional development of learners to meet the changing needs of employers, the economy and society.

The Higher Education Academy defines employability as " A set of achievements, - skills, understandings and personal attributes - that make graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations, which benefits themselves, the workforce , the community and the economy."

(Professor M. Yorke 2004, Employability in Higher education: What it is - what it is not)

What employers say

Top 5 skills that employers feel are most important for higher level graduates to have according to Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce:

Our subject pages detail our industry links for each professional area.

How we support employability?

Whilst studying your course we will help you develop your employability skills in a number of ways:

Where are our students now?

Many of our students go on to gain employment in their chosen professions, here is what some of our Alumni say about how their course improved their career progression:

Joel Wade, Digital designer for The Telegraph
Course studied: BA (Hons) Visual Art

"The course gave me the flexibility to choose and explore the discipline I wanted to go into. The tutors were always willing to give me advice and guidance, from technical support to help with finding employment."

Lindsey Redfern, Wildlife Casualty Care Centre Manager, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service
Course studied: HND Applied Animal Science, Bsc (Hons) Animal Science

"I learned about veterinary first aid, animal anatomy, microbiology, pathology and immunology which are skills I now use in my job. The tutors were helpful and encouraged me to do work placements which led me to where I work now."

Glenn Collins, Submission publisher for Pfizer
Course studied: BA (Hons) Business Studies

"The BA Business course helped to prepare me for this job, giving insight into how businesses work. The assignments gave me the confidence to do presentations and public speaking. The course was well structured, and we were provided with excellent learning resources to help get us the best start in our careers."

Charlotte Gowers, International Export Coordinator at Church & Dwight UK
Course studied: BA (Hons) Business Studies

"The course gave me a wider understanding of how big businesses operate. It also gave me the confidence to get noticed and take on more responsibilities when implementing business ideas."

Dave Bachelor, Station producer, BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
Course studied: BA (Hons) Creative Music Production & Technology

"Whilst at Canterbruy College I started working at Invicta FM, then got a job working as a studio engineer for BBC Radio. I now run 5 live Sports Extra. I'm the sole person at that station which had 1.5million listeners a week last summer."

John Woods, Director of Warehouse Wax Music
Course studied: BA (Hons) Creative Music Production & Technology

"I run my own record label, and the knowledge gained from this course has been really valuable for this. I really enjoyed my time at Canterbury College and learned loads. The lecturers were really helpful and knowledgable in their subjects."

Chris Holmes, Youth Offending Service Officer
Course studied: HND Public Services

"I would recommend the Canterbury College Public Services HND because it gives you a framework which you can build your career on. Tutors encourage you to volunteer while studying - I volunteered for the Youth Offending Services and already had a great deal of subject knowledge when I started my job."

Katrina Moore, Mental Health Clinician, Monash Health
Course studied: BA (Hons) Public Services Management

"Having previously studied at a different university, I found this course to be the most organised, student-focused, nurturing and academically on par with other HE establishments. I would strongly recommend this course if you want to pursue a career in the public sector or even in related paths such as management and leadership."

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