Teacher Training


Successful completion of these courses provides students with a nationally recognised award or diploma, as well as enhancing their skills and abilities to be effective in current and future roles.

Courses Available

Meet the Student

Animal Studies HE

“As a new teacher, I appreciated the support this course gave me. It has provided me with a toolbox of strategies and coping methods to overcome the initial apprehension any new teacher can feel when starting their career.”

Marion Edwards, BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training

Programme Coordinator Profile

Karen Socci, Access Section Manager

MSc Health Informatics, Cert (Ed.)(FE)

“As manager of these courses I get great pleasure from the knowledge that I am actively involved in the creation of a new workforce in education, raising standards and embracing the diversity of the skills that each new student brings to our courses.”

Karen Socci, 2016


The demand for highly qualified graduates with the ability to inspire and guide the learning of others is paramount to the government’s desire for excellence in our colleges. The changing landscape of education is opening up opportunities in a variety of different institutions for those with the skills required to meet the challenges of education today.

What Employers Say:

“We are committed to ensuring our staff have the skills, knowledge and behaviours that lead to student success. The L5 programme is a vital part of our staff development programme for all new teachers; it gives them the chance to collaboratively learn with peers, receive structured support in their early career phase, understand professional standards and apply their learning to their practice. All staff feel they have achieved a real milestone in their teaching career when they graduate. As an employer, we rely on the standards and knowledge that this course instils.”

Elaine Hunt, Canterbury College Human Resources Department, 2015

Links with industries

We work with local schools, colleges and other academic institutions to provide training tailored to the needs of Kent’s schoolchildren and young people. Many people on this course combine studies with work in an educational setting, and many students join with pre-existing jobs in this area.