Health & Social Care


Successful completion of these courses provides students with a nationally recognised award or diploma, as well as enhancing their skills and abilities to be effective in current and future roles.

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Health and SOcial Care profile

“The teaching style and smaller classes are better suited to me and my style of learning. I really want to look at continuing my education at university and felt that the Health & Social Care HNC was my best option to get there. The flexibility of Higher Education courses at the College means I am also able to take an evening maths class.”

Nima Movassagh, Health & Social Care HNC


All courses contain modules that can be practically applied to workplace settings and are designed to give you the knowledge and skills to succeed in employment. There could be opportunities to work with the NHS, private health care providers and providers of support to young people and families, such as: nurseries, NHS hospitals, homeless shelters, schools, nursing/residential homes, and other medical and charitable organisations.