Higher Education

10 reasons to study with us

1. Studying with us – We are particularly focused on developing awards that blend academic study with opportunities for students to gain professional experiences while they study. By offering a variety of learning experiences and carefully designing assessments we aim to give everyone the opportunity to develop. We value diversity and the different perspectives this brings to debate and discussion. We also seek to create an environment where students can confidently take a step into the unknown, assured that they are safe and supported. Please find all of the courses we offer here.

2. Quality – Both Canterbury College and East Kent College are accredited by the higher education Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

3. Awards – We have a strong relationship with the University of Kent and work in partnership with them. Many of our higher-level programmes are validated by the University and successful students taking these awards receive a University of Kent qualification. Our other courses are validated by the internationally recognised Pearson validating institution.

4. Individual – We want to build long-lasting relationships with our students and value you both as an individual and as a member of our community of learners. It is important that you have confidence in us and that we meet with you regularly to discuss how you are doing and offer our advice and guidance.

5. Staff – Our highly qualified academic and support staff provide students with valuable links between the academic world and professional practice. Staff use their professional networks and share their scholarship to improve the experiences of our students.

6. Study visits – We offer students the opportunity to take part in a highly successful ‘safari’ field trip to South Africa and make available other study visits to European centres of culture. Regional study visits and ‘live’ project work enable students to gain hands on professional experiences and to put theory into practice.

7. We value your ideas – We place students at the centre, we listen and respond to your ideas and feedback. Regular meetings with students let us know how things are going and how we could do things better. Students also set the agenda for discussions at the HE Student Council and make valued contributions to Academic Committees, all of which improve the quality of our courses.

8. Student Experience – This encompasses all aspects of your student life - academic, social, welfare and support. We want you to enjoy your time with us. Our Students’ Union for the past eight years has been shortlisted in the NUS Awards. We know that being a student is not always easy, so we encourage our students to talk to us about any challenges and, where required, we guide them to expert advice and guidance provided by our Student Services Team, (BEACON award winner).

9. Location – Our colleges are located in East Kent. In the heart of Canterbury a vibrant, historic student-centred city and near the cultural hotspots of Margate and Ramsgate. All the campuses have high speed train links to London and easy access to the continent, contemporary culture and historic sites.

10. We are looking for – Students who are passionate about their subject, who want to develop deeper academic understanding while they enhance their professional skills. If you feel that you would be better suited to study in a smaller institute with strong links to one of the leading UK Universities and other prestigious validating institutions, we welcome you to contact us or take part in one of our HE events.