Meet the Students

Former Students A-Level Animal

Animal Care

Miriam Anderson

Course studied: Animal Management Level 3

Is now studying Wildlife, Ecology & Conservation Science at The University of West England

“Canterbury College developed my confidence and helped me get to where I am now. The Animal Centre and getting hands-on experience with the meerkats and other animals was amazing. It opened up so many opportunities, and so much of what I learned has helped me at university.”

Former Students A-Level Art

Art & Design

David Doran

Course studied: Graphic Design

Job: Freelance illustrator (has worked for The New York Times, The Oscars and more).

“I illustrate for various newspapers, magazines, brands and festivals on a freelance basis. I began by studying Graphic Design at Canterbury College, where I developed an interest in layout, concept and design, and progressed to a BA in Illustration at Falmouth University. Choosing to study at Canterbury College was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – I’d wholeheartedly recommend it.”

Former Students A-Level Beauty


Plamen Kalpakchiev

Course studied: Beauty Therapy Level 2

Now works as a beauty therapist

“The teachers are highly specialised in their fields. They combine excellent themes, methods and means of teaching the material. They teach with a smile, and lots of attention and concern for each student. Thanks to my teachers, I was able to achieve higher goals than those which I had set myself at the start.”

Former Students A-Level Building Services

Building Services

Harry Gilbey

Course studied: Plumbing & Heating NVQ Level 3

Is now a mechanical engineer

“The course was good, and the things I learned have helped me in the job I do now. The tutors were very supportive during my four years at Canterbury College, and I also had the opportunity to take part in the WorldSkills competition. I am now doing a HNC at Canterbury College as well as working for Clever Engineering. The College have really helped with my progression and career, for which I’m grateful.”

Former Students A-Level Business


Johan Garcia-Candal

Course studied: Business diploma

Is now a business analyst for Intel Corporation

“The things I learned at Canterbury College laid the foundations for me to further my studies in order to excel at work. The tutors at the College allowed me to expand on my creativity and interpersonal skills and develop my practical experience while backing this up with theory. Canterbury College gave me the guidance and knowledge that helped me achieve what I have today.”

Former Students Catering


Shane Gausden

Course studied: Professional Cookery Level 3

Is now owner of the Green Door Deli in Herne Bay

“Canterbury College taught me everything I know to date. The skills and knowledge from the lecturers have helped me open my own delicatessen in Herne Bay, where I source all sorts of local produce and bake on-site. If it wasn’t for the Catering Department, I don’t think I would be doing this today.”

Former Students Hairdressing


Emmy Jane Wyles

Course studied: Hairdressing Level 3

Now works at SEi Bello salon

“I really enjoyed the course. It was very hands-on and helped build my confidence as a hairdresser. The tutors were great and there was always help when we needed it. I learned a lot of new things and was able to broaden my skills. I was able to take the skills back to the salon, including some from Goldwell, who came in to give colouring demonstrations. Being at Canterbury College definitely gave me the confidence to achieve what I have.”

Former Students Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care

Heidi Whittaker

Course studied: Health & Social Care Extended
Diploma Level 3

Now works as a mental health nurse

“I came straight from high school with no idea of where I wanted to end up. The tutors treated us as grown-ups, and we were in charge of our own learning, and the placements sparked my ambition to work in mental health nursing. The course and the expectations prepared me for work and university life, with submission deadlines and hard work.”

Former Students Life Skills

Life, Work and Study Skills

Adam Dyer

Course studied: Vocational Studies

Now works at Tesco, Whitstable

“When I started at the College I was very anxious, but I got support from all of the staff and they helped me overcome my anxiety. I also worked hard in my classes and learned lots of employment skills. I did some work placements in the College and with the caretakers. Then I got a job at Tesco Whitstable, which is going really well and I really enjoy.”

Former Students Media


Louis Presland

Course studied: Media (Film & TV) Level 3

Is now studying Television Production at the University of Westminster

“Since day one at the College, I was encouraged to get work experience alongside my studies. I‘ve worked on projects for Universal Studios and corporate advertisements for high-end London production houses. If it weren’t for the College tutors, my opportunities would have been far more limited. The skills I learned in class prepared me perfectly for both university and the industry.”

Former Students Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle

George Simmons

Course studied: Motor Vehicle Level 3

Is now part of the McLaren-Honda Formula 1 team

“I joined the McLaren-Honda Formula 1 team on their student graduate scheme. I help manufacture, assemble and transport cars to race circuits around the world. When I started the College’s Motor Vehicle course, I knew I wanted a career in racing and a course that would let me go out, get my hands dirty and do some practical learning. By the time I got to university to study Motorsport Engineering, I was more comfortable around cars than those who had taken academic qualifications.”

Former Students Music


Christopher Gomersall

Course studied: Music Technology

Now works as a sound and recording engineer

“I mix and record live shows, commercials and documentaries. My work has seen me tour across Europe, compose and perform in Central and South East Asia, and record in Australia. I’m in the process of opening a recording studio in London. My time at the College allowed me to form and develop the skills and knowledge that I use every day. The music facilities there allowed me to hone my mixing and recording technique. The tutors’ support and guidance allowed me to push myself.”

Former Students Public Services

Public Services

Jordon Gosbee

Course studied: Public Services Level 3

Is now a police community support officer

“Being at Canterbury College gave me the confidence to get this job. It allows me to have a foot in the door for when a full-time policing role becomes available. I gave a talk at the College and saw a lot of potential in the students. Hopefully some of them will follow in my footsteps.”

Former Students Science


Claire Russell

Course studied: Forensic Science

Is now studying MSci in Forensic Science at the University of Kent

“I was one of the Science Department’s first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) ambassadors and took part in many science demonstrations and workshops whilst at the College. I am now at the University of Kent, entering year four of the MSci in Forensic Science.”

Former Students Sport


Emma Ward

Course studied: Sport (Sport & Exercise Science) Level 3

Now works as a PE Teacher

“I came to Canterbury College to study a BTEC National Diploma in Sport, having already completed one year at A Level. I completed with top grades of DDD. I found Canterbury College to be very supportive, and my tutors in Sport were fantastic. They supported me not only through my studies but gave me the confidence and knowledge to continue to university after making the decision to change from A Levels.”

Former Students Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Harry Rowbotham

Course studied: Travel & Tourism Level 3

Now works as air cabin crew for Easyjet

“The lessons were packed full of exciting new topics, were made to be fun and included practical activities and group tasks and were a real eye-opener into the industry. The tutors were very welcoming from day one and were always there if I needed any help with any assignments or anything at all.”