Things to do in Canterbury – History Hotspots

Here are some of our City’s must-see attractions and UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

Studying in Canterbury has its perks; though it may not be what some people picture when they think of typical student life, there’s good reason it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK. Explore the city and delve deeper into its rich history and heritage!

  • Canterbury Cathedral is a focal point to anyone visiting Canterbury. This stunning cathedral has been embedded into England’s great history since 597 AD.
  • The ruins of St Augustine's Abbey include the remains of the monastery where St Augustine's monks lived and worshipped.
  • St Martin's Church is where St Augustine first worshiped with his followers.
  • The Greyfriars Chapel, which spans the River Stour, is Britain’s oldest Franciscan building.
  •  Eastbridge Hospital was founded following the murder of St Thomas Becket, to provide accommodation for poor pilgrims visiting his tomb. The building includes the early 13th century painting of Christ in Glory.
  • The ruins of the Normal Castle and the Westgate Towers, which has stood over the road to London for six centuries.

Canterbury Tales

Fancy a trip back to 14th Century England? The Canterbury Tales, one of Kent’s most popular attractions, allows you to join poet Geoffrey Chaucer and his colourful companions on their journey from London to Canterbury Cathedral.

The Canterbury Tales is a stunningly accurate recreation of medieval life, and where the pilgrims’ stories of love, romance, jealousy and deceit are vividly recreated. With a combination of live costumed characters and entertaining audio guides, it provides an excellent introduction to the city and its famous literary connection.


River Tours

Sit back and relax with a guided river boat tour. Recently awarded winner of the Luxury Travel Guide 'Unique Tour of the Year', this multi award-winning historic river tour provides a truly entertaining experience which is perfect for visitors of all ages and nationalities.

This tour allows you to escape the busy city centre and discover Canterbury in a different perspective. Trips along the Stour can be taken with Canterbury Historic River Tours, Canterbury Punting or Westgate Punts.

Walking Tours

Why not discover the city on foot? With experienced guided walking tours you can explore the city, and as the night creeps in you can take a 75-minute ghost tour to experience the creepy side of Canterbury.

Gardens and Parks

There are several parks peppered throughout the city, each with its own unique beauty, which are sure to take your breath away. The closest to the city centre is Dane John Gardens, a large enclosed park that offers a quiet space to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Westgate Gardens, just a five minute walk from Canterbury West train station, also has its own walk along the Great Stour River.

These are just a few of the many things you have the opportunity to experience if you visit Canterbury.