I've applied for a course. What happens next?

If you have applied to join Canterbury College, these are the 4 stages you will go through.

1. Invitation to an interview

After you've applied for a course (via our website or by handing in a paper application form), we will get in touch and invite you to an interview which is usually held between December and July.

If a course page doesn't have an 'Apply for course' button, you can print out an application form, fill it in and send it to Student Admissions, Canterbury College, New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3AJ. You can also apply to Canterbury College using the Kent Choices 4 U service.

2. The interview

This provides you and your parents or guardians with the opportunity to find out everything you need to know about the course, the College and to look around. The interview is also a chance to check the course you have applied for is the best option for you.

3. Offer of a place

At the end of your interview you may be offered a place on a course and the interviewer will hand you a formal offer letter. The offer will either be unconditional (you have a place with us whatever happens) or conditional (you have a place depending on your getting the right exam results).

4. Summer Taster Day & enrolling

In the summer, we will write to you inviting you to come in for a Taster Day and potentially enrol before the start of term. Otherwise, at the end of August you will be invited to come and enrol. When you are enrolling, you will need to bring your exam results with you. We promise to make every effort to provide you with an alternative course should your results be different than you expected.

At enrolment, you will complete a Learning Agreement, get your joining instructions and receive a Student Card. NUS Cards will also be available to purchase during Enrolment Day