It is a statutory requirement that colleges, like schools, have a governing body. Ours is called the Corporation Board. Its composition and way in which it operates is determined by the Instruments and Articles of Government (I&As) framework. Locally, colleges determine their own standing orders and terms of reference within the confines of the I&As. Corporations may vary in size.


Canterbury College’s Corporation Board currently consists of 13 Members and is headed by a Chair and Vice Chair. Members are drawn from a range of stakeholders including employers, community organisations, local authorities, staff and students. At Canterbury College, the Principal is also a Member of the Corporation. The Corporation also has co-opted members who bring additional expertise and skills to the Board.

This set-up enables the Corporation to embrace a range of expertise. This helps inform decision making and the development of strategies, making sure they are in the interests of the communities served by Canterbury College.

Corporation Role

The primary role of Corporations is to determine the strategic direction and character of colleges. College management is responsible for the day-to-day operational aspects of a college within the context of its strategic objectives.

The Corporation is supported by a Clerk to the Corporation. The Clerk facilitates Corporation business and plays an independent role to the College’s management.

Contact Us

More information on the Canterbury College Corporation can be found on this section of the website. Copies of the 'Corporation minutes' are also held in our Learning Resources Centre. Should you require further information or details of our public access policies, please contact the Clerk to the Corporation on 01227 811295.

Public Access

The Corporation shall decide any question as to whether a person should be allowed to attend any of its meetings where that person is not a Member, the Clerk or the Principal. In making its decision, it shall give consideration to the any matters of confidentiality in accordance with the Instruments and Articles of Government.

In addition to being available in the Learning Resources Centre (see above), the Corporation's minutes and its Committee meetings are placed on this site for a period of at least twelve months. These are available for public view except where these are classed as confidential by the Corporation, in accordance with the guidance provided in the Instruments and Articles of Government.